• Specialist's Servise
  • Preparation of Business Plan
  • Preparation of Agro Technological Maps
  • Turn Key Projects
  • Laboratorial Service
  • Gardens’ Cultivation
  • Technical Services
  • Investments’ Support
  • Support in Finding Financial Sources
  • Description of Technological Process
  • Livestock-Poultry
  • Market Research
  • Planning of Land Plot and Preparation of Detailed Plan
  • Agro Business Assessment
  • Trainings
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Specialist's Servise

Any interested person or cooperative, wishing to get consulting from foreign experts, Agro Solutions will ensure the arrival of these specialists to Georgia.
We successfully cooperate with local and international experts and practician specialists. All specialists have big practical experiences which finally ensure the proper consultancy and good results.

Getting of single and multiple consultancies from Georgian and foreign experts is available in the following fields: livestock, crop production, cold and dry storage technology, greenhousing, irrigation, production technology, ichthyology, food safety.

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